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Kjempetøffe Kamani Tiki kopp er 20 cm høy og rommer 414 ml.

“Kamani" of the "Koka and Kamani”… “Brothers in Tiki”! 

Designed and created for us by Tiki Farm’s ORIGINAL creative director, Dave “Squid” Cohen, this is our first online offering of Squid designed Tiki Farm mugs in a very long time!  For our first launch of our 20th year of creating Tiki mugs, we launch with our old pal Squid. 

Squid and Holden created a lot of mischief in those fledgling Tiki Farm years of in what has now grown to be the hugely popular, resurgent Tiki movement.  During the mischief, we also found time to create a LOT of Tiki mugs!  Squid designed and sculpted our original four “test-the-water” mugs (Log, Dental, Stoney and Drinky) as well as sculpting our first mugs designed by a then very popular, shooting star artist that the entire world has grown to know and love… world-renowned hipster artist Josh “Shag” Agle.   Our first outright straight-up Tiki creation together was Squid’s “Warrior” Tiki mug design (our fifth mug), which has gone on to be loved by the global community of Tiki art and Tiki mug enthusiasts.  There are too many other designs to name here, but there were many.  We started very busy and we remain… very busy to this day.

Kamani Tiki Mug measures approx. 7 ¾” in height and has an approx. 14-fluid ounce capacity.

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