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Den originale lavalampen fra Mathmos

Inventors of the Original Lavalamp!

Edward Craven-Walker was the inventor of lava lamps and founder of Mathmos. He launched the first lavalamp, the Astro, in 1963 to instant and enduring popularity. “I think it will always be popular. It’s like the cycle of life. It grows, breaks up, falls down and then stars all over again” 

The lavalamp was developed from a design for an egg timer using two liquids spotted in a Dorset pub. Craven Walker spent years developing this into a light for manufacture initially using cocktail and orange squash bottles.

How many products have stayed in continuous production for over 50 years? Our lavalamps have stayed relevant for over half a century. Meaning different things, to different people over time they continue to stay relevant to today.

Mathmos takes its name from the cult 1960s French Sci Fi comic strip Barbarella. The Mathmos is the bubble liquid force under the city. Barbarella was also made into a film in 1968 staring Jane Fonda with costumes by Paco Rabanne.


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